Motion Blinds Motorised Roman Kit


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Motion Blinds Motorised Roman Kit
Blind Size
None Required (I will use the bluetooth options and my phone to control my blind.

Made To Measure Motion Motorised Roman Blind Kit.

Our made to measure motorised roman blind kits contain everything you need to make perfect roman blinds. These high quality headrails are cut to your exact size requirements in our factory, and come complete with the roman blind motor installed. Setup is easy and instructions are provided. Once you have installed the app on your phone setup is completed normally within 1 minute. This motor allows you to set timers, control speed and set favorite opening positions via BlueTooth with the need for a hub. So when you go on holiday your blinds continue to open and close. 
Our Motion Blind System:
Please note the motor will take up to 5kgs.
Bluetooth connectivity built in as standard, control your blinds with your phone, no need for a handset.
Programmable, Set Timers, Speed Control and favorite position without the need for a hub. (your blinds will open and close when you are on holiday)
Choice of power supply, from plug top through to high capacity lithium battery.
Wide selection of control devices should you want one.
Hub, use our hub to connect to your smart home, Alexa, Google, IFTTT, Loxone, SmartThings and more.

What's in the box?

Machine Cut fully assembled motorised headrail.  

Max Drop 240 Cms.

5 PVC Rods.

Sew On Rod Pocket. (will do either single or double row of stitching.)

High Density PVC Bottom Bar (Cut to size.)

Universal Fixing Brackets. (Top or face fix)



Kits Size                      Number of Cord Drums            Number of Brackets

60cms                                           2                                             2

67cms                                           2                                             2

90cms                                           3                                             2

100cms                                         3                                             3

120cms                                         3                                             3

127cms                                         4                                             3

140cms                                         4                                             3

170cms                                         5                                             4

180cms                                         5                                             4

200cms                                         5                                             4

250cms                                         6                                             5