Made to Measure Curtain Specification

All our curtains are manufactured in our factory in West Yorkshire. We take great pride in the quality of our products, our staff have many years experience in manufacturing them. Below is a brief summary of the way we manufacture our curtains, should you have any further questions please don't hesitat to call us.

Fabric Selection.

We take great care selecting the fabrics we offer as made to measure curtains, some fabrics on the market these days may look great on the roll, but when they are made into curtains the fabric may not perform well. The fabric may not hang correctly, it may be adversly affect by UV light, these problem and many more have lead us to check all the fabrics we work with to ensure, you get the right quality of curtains at the right price.

We offer an own fabric made up service on both roman blinds and curtain, if you are using this service and are unsure as to the suitability of your fabric please call us.



Curtain Headers. Our website quotes a price for a pair of curtains, if you require a single curtain, enter the size of your pole as normal, then in the delivery coments box during checkout add a note " single curtain" or call or e-mail us.


Pencil pleat Made to Measure Curtains

Pencil Pleats.

As standard all our curtains are made with pencil pleats unless specified otherwise by you. The pencil pleats are formed using a sew on Rufflette 3" pencil pleat tape. When you order a pair of pencil pleat curtains from us, they will contain at least double fullness, e.g. if you window is 137 cms wide, your curtains will be in total 274 cms wide. This fullness allows the curtains to be drawn to fit your pole exactly.




Eyelet Made To Measure Curtains Eyelet Curtains.

Made to measure eyelt curtains. For the production of eyelet curtains we do not use tape, Your curtains are bagged out then a 6" buckram is fused into the top, high quality pressed stell eyelet are then inserted with a special press. Eyelet curtains will contain at least 1.5 time fullness. We have a great range of colours, samples of which can be requested via e-mail or live chat, colours: satin silver, chrome, polished graphite, bright brass,antique brass and matt black. These curtain offer a slight more modern look than pencil pleats and hang in much larger folds.



Pinch Pleat Made To Measure Curtains

Pinch Pleat Curtains.

Our flagship curtain header is the hand formed pinch pleat version. This luxury curtain header combines extra fullness and is hand finished, not produced with tape. We use a 6" buckram fused to the inside of your curtains, then carefully add the pinches and hand sew them into place. This header gives a classic look, and only suitable for use with curtain poles.





Standard Lining. All our curtains come lined, as standard included in the price we offer a good quality poly cotton sateen lining, this lining helps reduce UV wear and tear, inproves heat retention, and also helps the main curtain fabric drape correctly.

Thermal Lining. We offer a great quality thermal lining as an optional extra. Thermal lining is slightly thicker than poly cotton lining, but does not compromise the drape of the main fabric. It greatly reduces heat lost from your room during winter, and in summer it will also greatly reduce the heat entering your room when the sun is shining. It also has a semi blackout effect, so it is good for bedrooms.

Blackout Lining. Blackout lining is another optional extra, it has all the thermal properties of thermal lining, but it completely exculdes light. It is manufactured to a british standard, we use a super soft version to ensure you curtains drape perfectly as well. Perfect for bedrooms, especially for night shift workers and children.

Interlining. We use a combined poly cotton/interlining. the padding(interlining) is fused onto a quality poly cotton sateen. W ehave found that this type of interlining helps with the drape of your curtains. Interlining is basically a padding used to fill out thinner fabrics, such as silk, should you need advice on the use of interlining please contact us via the live chat or by phone or e-mail.