Configuring A Motorised Roman Blind

Configure Your Motion Blind.
Our motion blinds motors all have built in Wifi, no need to buy a separate remote control, you can use the free APP on your mobile phone. However if you would like a secondary means of controlling your blinds we offer the following controls:
Single Chanel Handset: Operates a single blind. Can also be used to program.
15 Channel Remote: Operates upto 15 blinds. Can also be used to program.
4 Channel Table Mount Remote. Operates upto 4 Blinds.
4 Channel Wall Mount Remote. Operates upto 4 blinds
Single Channel Wall Mount Remote. (White inc. Backplate) Operates a single blind.
Single Channel Pull. Operates a single blind. Pull once for up, twice for down.
All our roman blinds are dispatched from our factory with the top and bottom limits programmed, and any secondary control devies paired to your blind motor. Full instructions are also included.

Motion Blinds Power Supply.
We offer two different types of power supply, a plug top power supply which will power your blind directly from the mains, or a battery power supply which will need to be re charged. (once or twice a year depending on useage, blind size etc.)
Plug Top Power Supply. Plugs into a standard wall plug socket, a small cable (think phone charger cable size) has to be run to the blind headrail.
Battery Pack 600 mAh. A lower capacity re-chargeable lithium battery which is ideal for smaller roman blinds. (Max Size 135cms by 135cms) This battery should not need charging more than once a year.
Battery Pack 2600mAH. Our high capacity re-chargeable lithium battery. This battery should not need charging more than once a year even on the largest blinds.

Battery Charger. Both our battery options can be charged with a USB-C-5V phone charger and cable. You don't need to buy another charger.

Motion Blinds Smart Home Hubs.
Whilst basic functions such as open and close timers can be programmed into our motors directly via WiFi, more complex integration with your smart home will require a WiFi bridge, or hub. Our hubs allow you to connect to Alexa and Google Assistant, also SmartThings, IFTTT, MEDOILA and KLIKAANKLIUIT. You can also operate your blinds via WiFi from anywhere in the world.