Curtains fabric calculations

Curtains Fabric Quantity Calculations.

Here is a rough guide to working out the amount of fabric required for a pair of curtains. We have included extra fabric in the calculations for patterned fabric. If you have any doubt please call us and we will work out your exact requirements.


Measure your pole or track width including any overlaps. Then measure your drop. You now Curtain fabric Calculator. need to decide how much fulness you would like in your curtains. Check the width of the fabric you have choosen. Most modern fabrics are around 137cms or 54". You will need between 2 and 3 times fulness to make good curtains.

Example, plain curtains pole width 137cms, drop 100cms.Pencil pleats double fulness.

137 times 2 = 274 divide by the fabric width(137) = 1 width per curtain. Drop 100cms, add 22cms for hems and turning down the tops = 100cms + 22cms times 2(widths) = total fabric for these curtains 244cms or 2.5 metres.

If the curtains above have a pattern on them, you would need to add the pattern repeat to each drop, so if the pattern repeat is 32cms you would need 32cms time 2 drops = 64cms + 244cms = 308cms.The secret to making curtains is to always make sure you have enough fabric. If you are short you will need to buy at least another drop, if you can get a replacement from the same dye batch.

Pinch Pleats.

Triple pinch pleats are usually made with 2.5 times fulness so for the curtains above 137cms poles width 100cms drop you would need. Pole width time fullness = 137cms times 2.4 = 328cms divide by the fabric width = 2.39 widths or 1.195 widths per curtain, so you need to decide if you want to make them really full, at 1.5 widths or not so full at 1 width. For the 1.5 widths you would need drop+hems and turn down, 100cms+22cms multiplied by number of widths (1.5 per side) 3 = 122cms times 3 or 366cms.