4 to 1 Ratio Cut To Size Deluxe Sidewinder Roman Blind Kit Upto 8Kgs

Roman Blind Kit Image
4 To 1 Ratio Roman blinds Kits

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4 to 1 Ratio Deluxe Cut To Size Roman Blind Kit
Recess (blind to fit inside the window recess we deduct 10mm)
Chrome Chain
Right Hand Control

NOTE: you must specify your installation height (distance from the top of your blind to the floor) to allow us to make your continuous loop chain compliant with child safety legislation, e.g. the bottom of the chain loop cannot be closer than 150cms to he floor and also held in a "P" clip which is supplied. Your chain loop will be the installation height(distance from the top of your blind to the floor) minus 150cms.

Cut To Size Deluxe Sidewinder Blind Kits. Enter your sizes into the boxes above for a price.

Our cut to size/mae to measure roman blind kits contain everything you need to make perfect roman blinds. These high quality headrails are cut to your exact size requirements in our factory.

What's in the box?

Machine Cut fully corded cut to size deluxe headrail.   

Max Drop 240 Cms.

5 PVC Rods.

Sew On Rod Pocket. (will do either single or double row of stitching.)

High Density PVC Bottom Bar (Cut to size.)

Control Chain (made to suit your drop.)

Approved safe chain breaker.

Chain safety hold down bracket.

Universal Fixing Brackets. (Top or face fix)



Kits Size                      Number of Cord Drums            Number of Brackets

60cms                                           2                                             2

67cms                                           2                                             2

90cms                                           3                                             2

100cms                                         3                                             3

120cms                                         3                                             3

127cms                                         4                                             3

140cms                                         4                                             3

170cms                                         5                                             4

180cms                                         5                                             4

200cms                                         5                                             4

250cms                                         6                                             5

acrobat_reader_50x50.gifHow To Make A roman Blind.