Roman Blind Kit Deluxe Antique Brass Chain

PVC Hollow Rods
High Density PVC Bottom Bar
Quality Sew On Tape
Child Safety Chain Break
Top Or Face Fix Brackets
Child Safety Cord Anchors
Roman Blind Kit Deluxe Antique Brass Chain Operated 1:1 Ratio Upto 6 Kgs
Deluxe Roman Blind Kits Antique Brass Chain / Professional Quality Aluminium Headrail (Not PVC).

Our deluxe roman blinds kit contains everything you need to make perfect roman blinds. We manufacture 1000's of made to measure roman blind every year and this is the sidewinder system we use. The pre corded headrail attaches to your roman blinds via a velcro strip which is embedded into the aluminium headrail. the headrail can be cut to size with a domestic hacksaw, as can the rods and high density PVC bottom bar. We include sew on rod pockets, and rods,sew on velcro, chain safety loop, and universal installation brackets (top or face fix). We also offer a bulk buy discount on this product. (Kits over 150cms wide will take 2-3 working days for delivery)

Your control chain will be supplied to suit the drop of the blind you select. It also features a tested child safe chain break and "p"clip to make sure your blind is fully child safe.

What's in the box?

Pre corded headrail which can be cut to size.

PVC Rods and sew on velcro.

PVC High Density Bottom Bar.

Universal installation brackets.

Chain/Chain safety loop.

N.B. These kits are supplied as standard with a white control chain, you can select a chrome, bright brass or antique brass option.

Cord drums and brackets per kit size.

Kits Size                      Number of Cord Drums            Number of Brackets

60cms                                           2                                             2

90cms                                           3                                             3

120cms                                         4                                             3

150cms                                         4                                             4

180cms                                         5                                             5

210cms                                         6                                             5

240cms                                         7                                             6

270cms                                         8                                             7

300cms                                         9                                             7

How To Make A roman Blind.