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F.A.Q. Roman blind kits.

Child Safety.
Question: If i make roman blinds from home for paying customers do i need to comply with the regulations regarding child safety?

Answer: Yes, although the ultimate responsibility lies with he installer, the new regulations state that blinds should be manufactured to comply with the regulations. In the case of roman blinds two areas of the blind need to be considered:
The first is the control chain, if the control chain loop is closer than 150 cms from the floor it must be held in a "p" clip and have an approved chain break device. For these circumstances only a roman blind headrail with a 1 to 1 winder can be used(click here view our child safe 1 to 1 ratio kit). If the control chain loop is 150 cms or more above the floor it still needs to be held in a "p" clip however it does not have to have a chain breaker on it, this allows the use of a 4 to 1 ratio winder. When ordering 4 to 1 ratio kits from us we will need the installation height of the blind, this is the distance between the top of the blind and the floor, and enables us to supply a chain which will terminate 150cms above the floor which will ensure compliance (Click here to view our 4 to 1 ratio roman blind kit.)

The second area to be considered is the cords on the back of the blind, these should be terminated or connected to the blind with approved cord breakers. We supply all our kits with these items and separate for retro fitting to existing blinds. (Click here to view child safe cord breaks)

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