Roman Blind Kit Polished Graphite Chain Operated Upto 6 Kgs


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Roman Blind Kit Polished Graphite Chain Operated Upto 6 Kgs * FULLY CHILD SAFE*. Many other's online are not!

What's in the box?

Pre-corded headrail which can be cut to size.

Polished Graphite Control Chain.

Child Safe "p" Clip.

Child Safe Control Chain Breaker.

PVC hollow rods which are Stiff and Light.

Sew On Rods Pocket Tape.

PVC High Density Bottom Bar.

Universal installation brackets.

Velcro to attach to the blind.

Child Safe Rear Cord Anchors.

Screws And Wall Plugs.

Chain Limit Balls.

Cord drums and brackets per kit size.

Kits Size                      Number of Cord Drums            Number of Brackets

60cms                                           2                                             2

90cms                                           3                                             3

120cms                                         4                                             3

150cms                                         4                                             4

180cms                                         5                                             5

210cms                                         6                                             5

240cms                                         7                                             6

270cms                                         8                                             7

300cms                                         9                                             7

How To Make A roman Blind.