Sphere 28mm 5 Sided Bay Pole - £89.99

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  • Stylish Sphere finials
  • Can Be easily made to fit most bay windows and L shaped windows.
  • Pole total length 390cms.
  • Adjustable Passing Supports included.
  • Available in four great colours.
  • Detailed instructions included.
  • 40 Nylon lined low friction rings included with each kit.
  • Heavy weight construction for long working life.

Curtain Bay Pole

Sphere Bay Poles can be made to fit nearly any bay window. Easy to install, universal colour coded joints mean no bending is required.Passing rings included.

Curtain Bay Pole

Returns kits are available, these enable you to bring the curtain pole around the front of your bay window, and make your curtains appear to be part of the room decor.  
Curtain Bay pole Face fix brackets screw directly to the wall or window frame. Passing rings, brackets, universal joints, finials and instructions are included.